AMG Properties prides itself on impeccable customer service and an even more impressive knowledge of the services we provide. We know residential properties differ from commercial. We will surpass your every expectation with honesty, drive, and a strong work ethic. If there is a service you do not see on this page or one that you want to learn more about please feel free to contact us. Our doors are always open.



AMG Properties leases out vacant units to help owners achieve full occupancy on their portfolio. Full occupancy is a critical component in achieving full potential on a real estate investment. Leasing encompasses many areas of property management and each step of leasing is critical to ensuring that the building is maintained in a proper fashion. If you would like to learn more about how AMG effectively leases properties and all the steps involved in this process please feel free to call (312.421.5151) or email us.
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Rent Collection

Through our years in the management business we have established proven systems to help facilitate timely collection of rents. AMG will review our systems for efficient rent collection upon meeting with you.
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Building Maintenance

One of AMG’s philosophies on effective building management is making sure that each property/unit is well maintained. We strive to keep each building as clean and esthetically pleasing as possible. Building maintenance is also a very important part of leasing and rent collection. Sit with us to understand how we maintain our properties and how this service area is critical to establishing success.
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On Call Repair/Answering

AMG strives to have a close relationship with our tenants. We are the eyes and ears of the property. AMG staffs a group of professionals that are in place to make repairs at the properties and to ensure that all the units are in proper working order. We are also here to be a buffer between the tenants and owner. Our goal is to relieve the stress that accompanies building ownership.
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Tenant Retention

Keep in mind that vacancy and turnover are the poisons of a successful real estate investment. AMG has systems in place to facilitate tenant retention.
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Finance and Accounting

AMG Properties understands that one of the most important aspects of property management is having proper accounting and financial practices in place. AMG collects and deposits all property income on our clients behalf. We offer our clients full time in-house accounting to ensure that proper accounting practices are met. We provide our clients with monthly financial statements that includes rent rolls, month to date income, year to date income, expense reports, and a statement of cash flow. AMG also works closely with our clients to meet their unique accounting needs.
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Residential Services Offered by AMG Properties